Par un ap darbiem, kuri veduši mūs ceļā uz ilgstpējīgu saimniekošanu restorānā

ancient varieties ancient varieties

ancient varieties

Together with the farmers and members of Slow food Straupe, we focus on, restore, and put on the table threatened varieties characteristic of Latvia, such as sour cherries, Latvian yellow turnip, Lake Burtnieks zander.

Also in our garden, we use specifically the legacy seeds of herbs and vegetables that we have acquired from the garden of Cēsis Castle and Līgatne locals.

permaculture & eco soil permaculture & eco soil

permaculture & eco soil

You are what you eat – and it all starts with the soil where you plant your seeds. We use eco soil and natural fertilizers only in the garden of Pavāru māja, but the garden itself is constructed according to the principles of permaculture.

less waste less waste

less waste

The presence of Nature Observers' Park allows us to close the natural food cycle in an environmentally respectful way – we recycle organic waste by composting it and in spring using it again as new soil for herbs and vegetables. But our primary focus in the planning stages of our work is reduction of waste in general, for example, by scheduling orders less often and in larger packages, all while being aware of our resources and using them in a smart way. We also focus on correct sorting and reuse of waste.

reuse reuse


During your visit to Pavāru māja you may encounter a scratched dish or a patched napkin – we believe that these items are still functional. Local artisans have invested a lot of resources in creating them, after all. So we are learning to give these items another life, for example, every year we renew wooden dishes by polishing and waxing them, and we restore ceramic dishes using the Japanese 'kintsugi' method.

To inspire others as well, we have created the Exchange Shelf in Līgatne, where you can leave various items, such as unused kitchen utensils, that others may find useful.

meticulous selection of products meticulous selection of products

meticulous selection of products

Our food and drinks menus include sustainability certified products. Therefore, we choose BIO certified products, we work closely with slow food farms, we prefer seafood with the MSC sustainability certificate, we use wild nature bounties respecting restricted areas and spawning seasons.

Furthermore, when selecting beverages and wines we collaborate with biological and biodynamic farms.

sandstone cellars sandstone cellars

sandstone cellars

Our location allows us to store farmers' products in the ancient sandstone cellars of Līgatne, so we can offer Gauja National Park bounties in our menu all year round.

This is also our proud way to tell and continue the story of the antique character of Līgatne, while at the same time saving electricity by using the cellars to store products as well as drinks that are our own creation.

from nose to tail from nose to tail

from nose to tail

By collaborating with local farmers of Līgatne and by exploring the surrounding wilderness, we are looking for the characteristic flavors of our region. Our menu is built around slow food philosophy and seasonality of products that we cook from "nose to tail" whenever possible. This is how we honour the product itself by using it completely in a smart way.

sharing education sharing education

sharing education

Our implemented sustainability solutions have taught us many lessons, so we also strive to inspire others – our industry colleagues, by organizing and participating in events where we share our own experience and examples, as well as our guests, by talking about the ancient varieties, putting them on the table, sharing the contacts of local farmers, introducing the Exchange Shelf, and leading by example to inspire more sustainable choices about our path towards sustainability in the restaurant

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